About Produce Pipeline

Produce Pipeline is a service of Pacificpro Inc. located in Bellevue, WA. We are an established produce distributor and shipper, focused on meeting our retail, wholesale and food service customers fresh produce needs year-around. Pacificpro is owned and operated by the Hartmann family, a third generation Washington State fresh produce distributor.

Produce Pipeline was created, in a nutshell, to simplify the busy produce buyers day.

One of the primary functions of ProducePipeline is as a consolidator of various daily produce deals. When a produce grower, packer or shipper has an excess of a specific produce item, based on the perishable nature of that item they may desire to move it quickly and often at a bargain price. On the other side of the transaction is the produce buyer who often may have an outlet for that item and benefit from the bargain price. Our role is to match up the grower and the wholesaler, retailer, food service company to maximize the growers return while presenting deals to help the volume produce buyers margins.