While others are experiencing issues caused by online transportation boards, electronic logs, and an over capacity in the transportation business-Pacificpro is not.  Recognizing the issues on the horizon, Pacificpro made the necessary changes and adjustments to keep ourselves  ahead of the curve.  With the opening of our consolidation facility in the Yakima Valley we have positioned ourselves to keep our rates very competitive  and our buying power strong.  We work with numerous truck brokers and or owner operators to ensure we can offer the best rates and have a high on time delivery percentage.  Even during the tightest truck markets (Christmas tree and Nursery) Pacificpro is able to move loads within 48-72 hours of receiving a PO.   We have positioned ourselves to be able to buy from nearly any grower/ shipper in the Yakima Valley and Wenatchee but to be able to offer loads with 3 or less picks making our loads much more attractive to the truck brokers and or owner operators

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