WA Apple|Pear Update 2.2.16

The most recent storage reports out of Washington estimate the total apple crop at about 110 million boxes, roughly 26% down from last year’s record setting 150 million boxes. According to the reports, Washington has approximately 76 million boxes left to pack, or about 69% of the total estimated crop. Shippers are expecting the remaining fruit in storage to continue to peak on 100’s and smaller with limited availability on the larger sizes across most varieties.

Most shippers are starting to open and pack C.A. rooms containing fruit specially picked for color during the beginning of harvest. Due to the fruit being higher color and having minimal defects, we are seeing shippers primarily peaking on WAXF and Premium grades.

We are seeing some pressure on pricing and availability on Red Delicious 113’s and smaller as India, Malaysia and Indonesia have started pulling Red Delicious out of Washington. We are still covering orders for small Red’s but any lead time that allows us to pack into orders is appreciated.

Comice, Forelle, and Bartlett Pears are nearly cleaned up for the season out of the Northwest. We are still seeing good availability on Green, Red D’Anjou, and Bosc pears. The majority of pears remaining to be packed are US#1’s as we experienced very little wind during the growing season, resulting in a clean pear crop.

We are seeing good sizing on pears this season as D’Anjou’s are currently peaking on 80/90’s and Bosc are peaking on 60/70’s. Most Yakima warehouses have limited pears left to pack, but the biggest pear shippers in Hood River and Wentachee expect to have D’Anjou’s and Bosc available into May this season.

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